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In between updating my website and writing stories, I am always on the lookout for interesting blogs to read. Below are three blogs that have caught my eye.  (Side note: I am aware this post is very meta, since I am blogging about blogging.  Now that we have that settled, please continue.)

Kat Candler, one of my great friends and mentors in the world of film, writes a blog about her experiences in the industry.  Kat has been blogging for seven years, and while she has been posting less frequently, her personal opinions, experiences and photographs are truly unique.  Disclaimer: Kat has mentioned me several times over the past few years, so naturally I am biased towards her blog.

Isabelle, a friend of mine that I recently met through YouTube, has been writing a blog for the past couple of months.  While she writes in a youthful and casual style, Isabelle successfully manages to question American culture, while simultaneously writing about the perils of high school.  Yes, Isabelle is young, but don't let her age discourage you from reading her blog.  (After all, as of this writing, I am only 19.)

Meghan, one of my favorite childhood swim coaches, gave birth to her first child last month.  Meghan recently started blogging about her experiences as a new mother.  Her posts are realistically humorous, yet heartwarming at the same time.  I plan to postmark Meghan's blog for when I become a parent, although that hopefully won't happen for many years!

Three blogs, each covering a different topic: film, social attitudes and motherhood.  If anyone knows of any other interesting, poignant or creative blogs, please feel free to share them with me. 

Baking scrumptious treats is one of my favorite hobbies.  Since I tend to repeat the same recipes over and over, I have been experimenting with new cookbooks over the past few months.  As expected, some experiments have gone well and others I will never repeat. 

Tonight I had the distinct pleasure of making "Jordan Marsh's Blueberry Muffins," a recipe I found in The Essential New York Times Cook Book: Classic Recipes for a New Century.   Author Amanda Hesser has carefully compiled a cookbook featuring recipes published in the New York Times over the past 150 years.   For a frame of reference as to the size of the book, the recipe I used was on page 635 (and it was there were several hundred after it).  I wish I could take credit for having the idea to purchase this cookbook, but that honor falls upon my mother's shoulders. 

Back to the muffins.  Since I am all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I swapped whole milk for Greek yogurt and used organic sugar, white-wheat flour and brown eggs.  Luckily, the muffins adapted to the changes.
Below is a photo of the completed result. 
Granted, I could have used a smaller file size, but the image looked awesome.  (Notice what I did there?) 

Feel free to check out the cookbook, or not, but just know that this blueberry muffin recipe is easy, delicious and potentially healthy.  (For those also interested in history, the cookbook features recipes that provide an interesting look at changes and trends in American diets.)

*Note* Functional Five is the name of my new advice column, which I will post semi-regularly on the blog. 

Many people may become bored or absent-minded at work.  Considering that is my personality specialty, at the ripe young age of 19-years-old, I have lots of (unscientific) advice to offer.  Here are some simple solutions, to be done outside of the office, which can improve your productivity.  
Another day, another Mason Planet video! Unlike the first two Mason Planet videos I made, this video is not as revolutionary.  However, it is equally hilarious!  

Also, I would like to wish an early happy Mother's Day to any Mothers, Grandmothers, Expectant Mothers or Animal Mothers who happen to be visiting my blog.  I can only hope that someone will view you as a M.I.L.F. and give you the thanks you deserve.  (Note: "Mason's Potty Talk is not meant to be a celebration of Mother's Day.)